28 May 2009


I was asked to be the official photographer for Marcon. I brought some lights and my camera, Marcon supplied the backdrop and I took some shots of the costumed characters. It was pretty fun, but also a lot of work. I'm glad I did it.

Here are some of the photos:

Marcon Photo 3

Marcon Photo 2

Marcon Photo 4

Marcon Photo 5

Marcon Photo 1

Marcon Photo 6

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Kevin said...

hi jen-

first, AWESOME pictures. I love star wars (before lucas killed them) and the folks in the pics seem to honestly love being in costume.

second, thanks for the question. I am finalizing the schedule for the video portion of the peach tree. We will be showing video/ installation work from 5p-10p with a "hang out"/ hopefully dance party afterward.

I can send you everything that I have an I will try to find where the posted schedule for the rest of the festival is... do you have an email address?