30 January 2011

Something Strange Happened Here

Venice, Italy

Daniel Firman: “SSHH is a work that offers an extendable rendition of reality. The work provokes a questioning of one’s interpretation of the “world” in which we live. In this exhibit, SSHH submits itself to the extraordinary beauty of Venice, yet at the same time, to a vision even more complex and colossal such as that of our contemporary world. Without any explanation nor assertion, the work must simply remain a psychological or even a metaphysical question that one asks oneself.”

22 January 2011

New Apt

No Internet at the new apartment yet, however, it's starting to look like a real live place and less like a maze of boxes. I've already got some good ideas for the bedroom going. I'm thinking a Spanish influence. Not sure about kitchen yet, but living room colors will be based from these vintage fire-place ornaments that my friend Jenna got me for a house warming present.

The biggest issue is storage space so I'm thinking an IKEA trip is in order pretty soon. It's tough fitting 7 rooms into 3, but it's getting there.

Going exploring this weekend to check out parts of the city that haven't been seen yet.

I'm looking forward to checking out some of the concert venues. I'm sure DC gets a lot more coming through than good ol' Columbus. Need to research this once I can connect to the internets (on something larger than an iPhone).

11 January 2011

Last Day in Columbus

It's my last day in Columbus. Today the objective is to get done all of the last minute stuff like making sure all of the random junk is out of the apartment before we leave. It is unbelievable how much *stuff* accumulates over three years of living in a giant apartment. I will certainly miss this place; so many fun parties, a house show, bond fires, cook outs, dance parties, and a magical little space called the dream room. I disassembled the dream tent today - I know it is only one of the many fun little creative environments I will build for myself and the people in my life, but this was definitely one of my favorites. It's time to move on to bigger and better things in a giant new and exciting city.

Mosaic in Ostia

The floor of one of the many ruins in the port town of Rome. Most of the ruins were not gated off so it was like a jungle gym for adults.

06 January 2011

Venice by night

This one is a long exposure over the famous Rialto bridge. Venice is such an amazing little city with great restaurants.