31 May 2010

Urban Planter

Because there's not very much room on the balcony that I'm growing my vegetables on, I've decided to design and build a planter.

It's an idea that's been rolling around in my head for over a month. About three weeks ago, I transferred the idea from my head to google sketchup during a creative computing session with my friend Ryan and about two weeks ago, I built the first of the three tiers.

To save space, I'm stacking three planters; one on top of the other. I've decided that a stair step design would maximize both access to sun and root space as I'll be planting the deep rooting plants on a slant (got this bit of advice from a parking attendant at the Franklin Park Conservatory - seems legit to me). The first tier will be for shallow rooting plants (e.g. herbs), the second tier will be for baby carrots and spinach, and the last and largest planter will hold the tomato, eggplant, and pepper plants.

Apparently, the cheapest source of wood is fencing wood (thanks google). I bought a bunch of unfinished cedar planks (naturally rot-resistant) from Lowe's for about $30. I'll be relying on donations from parents for random bits of wood for the end caps (colored blue in the diagram). The cedar planks will span across the blue end caps. Last, 2x4s will make up the frame (colored pink and green in the diagram).

More to come including photos of the finished base planter.

Dream Tent

Last October I had a party for which I installed a dream tent. It now serves as a guest room for anyone visiting me. These photos were taken by Jonathan Lindell.

28 May 2010

Maleonn, Days on the Cotton Candy

It rains in Columbus with brief snippets of sun today. This should be good for my plants.

I got a giant cache of seeds from my new friend Kristen including native corn, hopi and iroquois squash, a bunch of beans, flax, a rye & barley mix, tiger and yellow tomatoes, and some other randoms. I also learned about three sisters planting from her.

I met Kristen at bonfire last fall. We bonded over s'mores and mutual goofiness. I had not seen her since then, but after I made a post on facebook about whether anyone had a spare watering can, she answered the call. In addition to the watering can, I got the seeds, a bird feeder, tons of pots, and quite a bit of useful gardening knowledge.

I seeded the new seeds last night. I have a bunch of plants already growing and two that are producing right now. It should be a delectable summer.

Sharon's lovely blog has inspired me to actually write again instead of just posting photos. Originally the idea for this blog was just to keep track of photos I liked, but originally originally, the blog was more of a channel for journaling. I'm getting back into the original original vein.

Now back to cleaning... or perhaps more internetting and then more cleaning...

13 May 2010

Thyme (I think)

Thyme (I think)
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Photography by a local Columbus, Ohio photographer and my friend, Giles.

03 May 2010


This image is from a series published in PULP ART BOOK
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Cloud dress

Cloud dress
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