03 July 2010

Singing with Super Desserts at Comfest, Part 2

I finally have time to post the photos from Super Desserts related fun at Comfest last weekend. It was an incredible experience and I think I know now at least one of the reasons why musicians do it. It is fantastically exhilarating and even though my role up on stage as part of the guest choir was quite insignificant compared to the rest of the band, I still got to feel the rush of people smiling and dancing and bopping their heads to what you're producing for them on stage.

In a way it brings the past 2 years of my life full circle. I got to participate in the back end of seeing what it takes to record, mix, master, create album artwork for and release a record. I got to see what the touring process looks like - booking the venues, trying to publicize shows, trying to get people to review the music, sending music out to radio stations and building a fan-base. But, I never really had any idea what it was like to be on stage actually performing (again, terribly insignificant role with the Super Desserts, but still a small taste of what it's like).

Here are a few photos from the second practice at the Conservatory of Music at Capital University with the Super Desserts and a few of the first photos taken with the new Bronica ETRS at the actual Performance.

Here are the Obviouslies, they recruited some members of the Super Desserts to sing with them during their performance on Friday of Comfest.

Here are most of the Super Desserts and some of the guest choir practicing.

Here the Super Desserts are performing at Comfest

Here we are, the guest choir.. Eric, Curtis, Lisa, me, Joe and Cory

Eve and the some of the ladies of Super Desserts

The guest choir

More updates soon including Columbus' first Dance Dance Party Party and my trip to Birmingham (which is happening right now, actually and has been super fun so far!).

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