10 February 2011


This is a palace near where my friend Hayley lives in Charlottenburg. Had such a good time with Hayley going to the various Christmas markets. We ended up walking around the palace grounds and when we'd gotten all the way around a caretaker told us that we weren't supposed to be in the gardens this late and we would have to walk all the way back around to get out (even though our exit point was a mere 20 feet from where we were standing and hadn't been closed yet!). So we walked all the way back around to the other gate which had just been shut by another caretaker. Hayley asked him (in German) if he could please let us out and thankfully he did. What a long, cold night it would have been had he not.

Hayley is an amazing violinist and is in Berlin to play with the orchestras there. Next time I visit her, hopefully I'll be able to catch one of her performances as I haven't been able to watch her play since we were little.

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