08 July 2012

Hello 2012, where did you come from?

Not a single post in 2012 yet. Changing that right now with a little update to the blogiverse.

I have moved into a home with a motley crew of young people assembled by craigslist ads, as far as I can tell. I finally had a chance to hang out with a few of them last week during the power outage. We all piled in a car and drove to the thrift store to find Alex some lady pajama pants and me an album cover for my room door. You see, when you move into the house, you're meant to hang an album cover specifically from Value Village on your door. I picked out a really nice 1970s children's jazz album with illustrations of animals playing instruments. After we returned from our Value Village outing, we went through the fridge and threw out everything that had died since the power went out and things that were expired. It needed to happen. The boys (Alex and Shawn) fried up some fish and battered zucchini and the girls (Tyne and myself) relaxed and drank a berry vodka mixed drink that Alex made us and eventually we all had a dinner of sorts.

Other updates include:

I studied for and passed the first of two exams I have to take to get my professional engineering license.

I trained for and succeeded in finishing two traithlons and a few 5Ks. 

I am really enjoying single life right now.

Life is pretty rad.

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