28 May 2010

Maleonn, Days on the Cotton Candy

It rains in Columbus with brief snippets of sun today. This should be good for my plants.

I got a giant cache of seeds from my new friend Kristen including native corn, hopi and iroquois squash, a bunch of beans, flax, a rye & barley mix, tiger and yellow tomatoes, and some other randoms. I also learned about three sisters planting from her.

I met Kristen at bonfire last fall. We bonded over s'mores and mutual goofiness. I had not seen her since then, but after I made a post on facebook about whether anyone had a spare watering can, she answered the call. In addition to the watering can, I got the seeds, a bird feeder, tons of pots, and quite a bit of useful gardening knowledge.

I seeded the new seeds last night. I have a bunch of plants already growing and two that are producing right now. It should be a delectable summer.

Sharon's lovely blog has inspired me to actually write again instead of just posting photos. Originally the idea for this blog was just to keep track of photos I liked, but originally originally, the blog was more of a channel for journaling. I'm getting back into the original original vein.

Now back to cleaning... or perhaps more internetting and then more cleaning...


skim said...

You are a sweetie. Can we get together and have some face time please? My brother is planning some bike trip to see the Banksy movie at the Drexel on the 25th. Let's make it a date. :)

Jen said...

No, you are!

The bike trip sounds fun and I'd be totally down, but your brother knows that's Comfest Friday, right? :)

I'm bringing some friends to your show at the treehouse on Friday :) I hope you guys don't go on until after 11, though, b/c we're going to the Super Desserts release beforehand (which goes until 11ish). Thankfully, it's an early show.

Let's definitely have some you and me face time real soon!