31 May 2010

Dream Tent

Last October I had a party for which I installed a dream tent. It now serves as a guest room for anyone visiting me. These photos were taken by Jonathan Lindell.


Flaming June Vintage said...

We have the same quilt all right... but, it looks much better in your space! Love the tent and lanterns. Dreamy, indeed.

Jen said...

Thank you! If I could decorate dreamy rooms for a living, I'd be all up on that. For now, I'll settle for doing up rooms in my house and helping friends decorate theirs :)

I hope our paths cross soon.. it's been since..... Indepenedents'?

Wanna go to Goonies at the Ohio Theatre on the 23rd? You think your son would be into that?

Or indeed.. Sunday Night Ladies Ride? I went on the inaugural ride at the beginning of May and have not made it since.

At any rate, hope to see you around, lady :)