06 June 2010

Camp Falcon

Last weekend I got to hang out at the summer camp I spent at least 6 summers at as a kid. It was really cool to catch up with the other campers and staff whom I hadn't seen for a good 15 years. All of them were up to super cool things like: big time documentary film maker (including About Baghdad, the first film that came out covering the war in Iraq), PhD student of contemporary racism, a lawyer who works with national security, a PhD student of speech pathology, and yet another PhD of chemistry, and that was just the ladies! I was impressed with the diversity of smarty pantism that was represented by my fellow campers.

The camp opened up a bunch of the activities like archery which I was happy to learn I was still pretty okay at. Unfortunately I couldn't play on the beach as the waterfront was under a good 5 feet of water.

Here are some flags welcoming campers as they drive up the winding road leading to camp (taken with iphone)

This seat sits on a little peninsula that normally rises out of the water about 5 ft (Nikon D50)

This would be the water front that is under water. That diving board you see is the high dive (Nikon D50)

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skim said...

I love these pictures. So nostalgic!