14 June 2010

iphotos from the weekend

Popped into one of Ohio's caves for a wee visit this weekend. Took some poor quality photos with my iphone:

Just for your nerd alert: this is an example of where calcite crystal is hanging off of an iron oxide deposit called a duel formation which is really rare, however I'm kind of suspicious that the Ohio Caverns made this factoid up so they can seem impressive and different from the other caverns in the land. I guess it doesn't matter because I thought they were pretty cool anyhow.

After caving, I tried to get to this candy shop in West Liberty that advertised lots of free samples (!), but it was closed (!!!). However, across the street was a pretty sweet green haus. So I went there instead.

This was my favorite part. This little flower started growing out of the wood in the walls of the greenhouse. What a trooper, huh?

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